What are the keys to effective, sustainable Kingdom ministry?

This was a question I was asked recently and it came up again just this week as I was participating in discussions about how to start new things. There are many possible answers and you can read many good books - and a number of not so good books - on this topic. I think … Continue reading What are the keys to effective, sustainable Kingdom ministry?


Will you say it?

I was recently invited to contribute to the Global Connection blog. At first, my mind wandered far and wide. What would be interesting? What would be helpful? What would enable people to engage in the mission of God? What are the 'buzzwords' of the day? Partnership, diaspora, discipleship, post-christendom. Or, what are the questions I … Continue reading Will you say it?

Why is mystery such a challenge?

In an age where rationalism and reason reign as the highest arbiter of all that must be true there seems to be a diminished capacity for mystery. Some call this 'advancement' I see it as 'impoverishment'. Deep down, we all know that we will never fully understand all things so we either 'repress' this conviction … Continue reading Why is mystery such a challenge?

Discourse no more… sadly!

I watch, with a sad heart, as the possibility to debate differences of conviction about significant matters becomes increasingly impossible. The growth of liberalism, with it's appeal to the freedom of self-determinism is a key factor. However, the sad irony is that where liberalism is not closely tied to a social conscience that cares/ensures that … Continue reading Discourse no more… sadly!

Segway thoughts…

Quick disclaimer for the purposes of full disclosure ... I am not an agent for Segway, and I have never ridden one so this is not an advertisement! ¬†However, I do recommend¬†YouTube as a source of amusing clips of people that don't know how to ride them properly ... That said, the principle of them … Continue reading Segway thoughts…

Where have you been?

I have not blogged in recent months but with the new year comes new intentions ... one of which is to dust off the blog! The first catalyst for this was a short article I recently read which related a conversation that took place between Hudson Taylor (18th Century missionary to China) and a Chinese … Continue reading Where have you been?

Reasons to be cheerful …

I have recently concluded the latest WEC UK Conference. This is the gathering for all the WEC workers active within the UK plus those based here or on homeleave collectively this group is also referred to as the fellowship. I felt constrained to write some thoughts on why I count it a huge privilege to … Continue reading Reasons to be cheerful …